Adventure Sailing Excursions in the Florida Keys

Dry Tortugas


A 3-6 day adventure sail to the Dry Tortugas, with overnight stays at the Marquesas Keys along the way, offers passengers the chance to experience living aboard a sailing yacht while exploring rarely visited islands.  

Schooner Grand Nellie is one of the few sailing vessels authorized to anchor at historic Fort Jefferson, located 70 miles west of Key West. Enjoy a night or two at anchor, exploring the fort and snorkeling the surrounding reefs.

Looe Key


This sailboat charter takes you to “God’s fish tank,” so-called for the vibrant reefs that attract tropical fish, turtles, dolphins and other unique reef life not often spotted at other popular snorkeling sites. 

Still rich in hard-to-find coral, like the endangered Elkhorn coral, Looe Key is one of the richest snorkeling and dive sites in the Keys. Enjoy a sail to the reef and return the same day, or spend the night relaxing and stargazing, then sail back the next day.

Atlantic Reef & Boca Grande


Experience the breadth of the Keys water life in this 2-3 day adventure that takes passengers from the large, open reefs of the Florida Straits to the uninhabited island and untouched beauty of Boca Grande island, west of Key West. Snorkel, swim or fish the reefs of the Atlantic, and then sail towards the remote islands west of Key West, for a true desert island experience with beach walking, kayaking and swimming.

Ultimate Keys Experience


Combine these trips, or create your own adventure, for a 3 to 7 day sailboat charter cruise that explores the depths of the Atlantic, the barren shores of keys rarely seen by humans and the magic of mangrove hideaways surrounding the islands. 

We're happy to customize your adventure sailing trip to explore a variety of ecosystems teeming with marine life and wildlife. Enjoy fishing, snorkeling, kayaking, relaxing and sailing on an unforgettable journey through the Florida Keys.